1. Gently Indented Extortionate Stool

  2. Whole Head Spring Finch

  3. Doomed Shop! (Part One)

  4. Cup Penis Open Penis Cup

  5. Four Austerity Riddles

  6. The Ludic Clamp
    David Birchall / THF Drenching / Phillip Marks

  7. Soul On Ice

  8. Bitches In Winter!

  9. Cash Crops

  10. Personal Injury Assist

  11. The 1947 Sonata

  12. Food Miles

  13. Fight-Bus 4 Life

  14. Cup Tree

  15. Tape Team J19

  16. Gate Holder (For Tape)

  17. Goat Shoulder (For Tape)

  18. Punishing Moral Code E.P.

  19. Unnatural White Inventions (Vol. 1)

  20. Unnatural White Inventions (Vol. 2)

  21. 50 Hours In A Nissan Micra

  22. Vegetable Socket
    THF Drenching, Dominic Lash, David Stent

  23. Two Grotesques, Capturing Disatisfaction
    THF Drenching & Karl D'Silva

  24. Differential Blood-Red Scat
    Alan Wilkinson & THF Drenching

  25. Scottish Floating Charge
    David Birchall / THF Drenching / Luke Poot

  26. Contribution To A Discussion On Tic
    Odie ji Ghast & THF Drenching

  27. The Trunnions Are Two Projections
    Otto Willberg & THF Drenching

  28. Night Of The Flaming Meatus
    Alan Wilkinson & THF Drenching

  29. Live At Café Oto, May 2015
    THF Drenching & Keston Sutherland

  30. Ants In The Sacral Chakra Of A Kipper
    Otto Willberg & THF Drenching

  31. Snooker Hall Of The Transfigured Blatz
    David Birchall, Otto Willberg & THF Drenching

  32. Moth Of Spring
    Pascal Nichols & THF Drenching

  33. Fluorescent Penetrant Inspect
    David Birchall, Rodrigo Constanzo & THF Drenching

  34. Live at TUSK
    Odie ji Ghast & THF Drenching

  35. Live At The Sip Club
    Sippy Cup

  36. Pancake Make-Up
    David Birchall, THF Drenching, Philip Marks

  37. Sloppy Anselm
    Stephen M James & THF Drenching

  38. Meat Claw Toffee Cress

  39. Live At Le Placard Headphone Festival
    Sippy Cup

  40. Tin Ear Wearable Partnership Specification

  41. The block with an eye from one side and a magnet from the other one is at rest on the ramp EP.
    Luke Poot & THF Drenching

  42. Some Obscure Practices
    Stephen M James & THF Drenching

  43. “In the air above the abyss…” -- The First Manifesto of Inter-Subjective Bureaucratic Pointillism, an unintegrated footnote to Wimpy & André.
    Stuart Calton

  44. Sippy Cup Instant Row-Past
    Sippy Cup


THF Drenching Manchester, UK

THF Drenching is a free improvisor and composer of musique concrète, based in Manchester, England.

As an improvising dictaphone-player, he was one fifth of Derek Bailey's final band Limescale. He was also half of the bricks and dictaphone duo Pleasure-Drenching Improvers.

As a composer, he's made about seventeen albums of musique concrète, electronic music and various dubious amalgams.
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